I want to wash my dishes. Permission (or command, rather) to avoid doing dishes in order to conserve Nashville's water supply was wonderful at first. But after a week, I'm getting low on spoons and I'm sure the plastic containers in which I carry my lunches to work are beginning to permanently absorb the odor of their former contents. My lunch -- be it pork chop or steamed vegetables or pasta -- will  forever smell like chicken and tomatoes and rice.

After church I fell asleep and the world ceased to exist for three hours. It was quite beautiful, really. I woke up when my phone rang. Jenn was calling. I had been looking forward to her call all week but my lethargy stole my words and thoughts. This happens a lot; I don't plan out my words in advance and end up leaving out most of what I wanted to say. My phone conversations with Jenn are habitually followed up by an e-mail in which I finish the conversation, usually saying too much. And it's totally okay.

Stranger than Fiction is on TV. (The guys from the Sonic commercials are totally two of Harold's coworkers ... funny.) I like this movie because it makes me want to write a novel. I will, someday. But I'm only 22. My Spanish teacher once told me, "Vives y luego escribes." (You live then you write.) Unfortunately it doesn't feel like there is time to live and write. I don't want to wait until I retire to write something great and now seems like a novel time (pun totally intended) because I'm single and besides my job and being a homeowner, I have relatively few responsibilities. We'll see.

This week:
M-Th: BE Virtual Writers Conference
T: Lunch at Penn Station, Kairos
F: CMP Spring Fling

Quiero decirte todo,


  1. We totally watched that movie on Sunday, too!! It's like we were hanging out and didn't even know it! :)


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