I don't know where my head is today. I finished up my "secret project" in the morning. I've determined my most productive hours are between 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. Not that I'm not productive the rest of the time, but these three hours tend to be distraction free. After 10, I start getting hungry and people start coming by and talking to me and I start wanting to switch tasks because I've been staring at the same piece all morning.

Today I was crazy-focused. I was excitedly finishing up my project and for nearly an hour I was "in the zone." Seriously, I looked up from my desk and realized I'm at work! Have you ever been dreaming about something so vividly that when you wake up you can hardly believe you're not doing whatever you were dreaming about? Well, this was like that except when I became aware of my surroundings, I was. Weird, right? I felt like I had been dreaming that I was working on this project or something ... which reminds me a lot of my freshman-level philosophy class in which we talked for days about reality and whether or not we were just living in The Matrix world.

My brain must have been cramping from all of that focusing because when I met up with Andrea after work, I was not there. I handed her the rest of the paper plate awards and started to get back in my car without having much of a conversation. Then I went to Kroger because I got more coupons from my mom and I was excited to get yogurt for next to nothing. I went through the self-checkout line and forgot to use my coupons. Then I got home and realized I forgot to dump the plastic I had put in my car to recycle at Kroger. Sheesh.

I'm giving this another try tomorrow,

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